Saturday, January 28, 2017

Product Review Part 2: Rage X-Treme 2 Blade

If you haven't already done so, please check out my first blog on the Rage X-Treme.  It can be found here:

Having settled my concern over the mechanical broad head, I now entered the field with hopes of taking a doe.  The hunt was still fairly early in the season, but close enough to the rut that bucks were continuing to establish their domination.  This played out 20 yards before me as a young 7 point did his best to ensure every buck under the age of 3 and every doe knew he top dog.  The small smattering of corn in front of my tripod was all his and he was under no obligation to share.  He demonstrated his bravado by quickly running at, and even aiming the points of his rack, at all comers. This went on for nearly an hour.  He would eat corn as a few does stood in the distance.  When he seemed distracted, they would move in, but this was no 2 year old buck, and when he saw their advances, he was quick to fend them off.

About the time I figured this guy was going to keep both the does, and any shot I had a taking a doe, at bay all morning and perhaps I should just give up and head back to camp for a couple breakfast tacos, out came a beautiful 5 1/2 year old 9 point. Ears back and hair beginning to stand on end, the buck moved toward the corn.  Our mighty 7 pt. did all he could to welcome the elder visitor and quickly moved away ensuring the 9 point had all he needed to eat.  Funny how the pecking order can change so quickly.

As the 9 pt moved in for a quick bite, the does were also allowed to graze on the corn.  The mature buck only had to give a glance if anyone got too close, but generally he had no problem sharing.

This time of year is always a curious one.  The mature buck ate with seemingly no interest in the does, but then with one flick of a tail that changed and he dipped his head and moved quickly toward one of the ladies. The doe he was after ran off just like every hunter has seen happen, and the buck was happy to chase.

Now was my chance!

In front of me now was a healthy looking doe and a more slender grayish colored doe who clearly had a fawn with her.  The fawn had to have been dropped very late as it was significantly smaller in size than any other fawn I had seen.  Deciding to let the doe with the fawn live to look after her pipsqueak fawn, my sights turned to other.

Getting to full draw on a deer is difficult.  Getting to full draw with 3 sets of eyes constantly moving and looking for danger gets really tough, but patience always seems to pay off.  The 9 pt had emerged about 60 yards away and his presence was enough to get all three does looking in his direction which was across a field and away from me.

The light Northeast breeze was just enough noise to make the sound of the arrow sliding back into place completely undetectable.  With incredible speed my mind ran through a mental check list; forefinger knuckle pressed into right ear, lower lip lightly touching the fletching, left hand grip is loose, sight finds target through peep, deep breath, and...light squeeze.

The doe is tries to duck the arrow, but the Bear Legion proves itself too fast and as she loops to the right and darts across the field I can see the arrow dangling on through the exit wound which is already beginning to bleed profusely.  The arrow had found its mark and the Rage X-Treme 2 Blade had clearly done significant damage.

After crushing a couple bacon, egg, and cheese tacos, changing clothes, and grabbing the .22 I headed out to see if I could find my doe.  I felt wasn't lacking confidence given the way the hunt had played out.  Surprisingly, there wasn't too much blood...until there was.  A dot here, a speck there, and then what looked like someone flinging wet paint off a brush onto the brush.  The doe had run about 40 yards before she fell into a clump of brush.  A quick, ethical kill.

The Rage had indeed done its job.  You can see the damage inflicted on my YouTube page, search for Cowley Outdoors, or just click the link:

Again the Rage was impressive.  Two hunts, two shots, and two times it just devisated the prey.  If you are considering using them, may suggestion would be to quit waiting and do it.  Important to point out that I have no afffliation with Rage, and simply want other hunters to know what has worked for me, and the Rage X-Treme 2 Blade certainly has!

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